4 Nov 2013

R.E.S.P.E.C.T ...just some thoughts...

I'm 4 years now with Sims 3 and these days, I only make sims now, very quickly ,to model my CC lately, but I'd save an ol' sim or 2 to share if i like them. I being the optimum word. I don't care who doesn't like my sims, i like them ,that's all that matters. If you like them , brilliant, say it out loud, if you don't keep it to yourself. If you're an ass out loud, well , you will remain exactly that, an ass out loud. regardless of what kind of creator you deem yourself to be. Remember self praise is no praise. I don't expect everyone to like what they see here, but just be respectful ok? Everyone has their own aspect of what beauty is, and each aspect should be respected accordingly. If someone works hard at something they will improve all the time as time goes on. Some people progress and improve more quickly than others would because that's what makes us all individuals .  Also it's only Sims, people forget this. No one is getting a Pulitzer, Nobel Peace Prize or getting paid. It is not a job just a hobby. People really get caught up in the whole virtual reality thing. I understand that, with some people, they need to feel a sense of achievement, because they lack fulfilment in real life, they seek it in something else and when they make something they are proud of they feel better about not having achieved much else in their normal lives. I totally get that, cos we all feel that way at some stage from time to time. Also very importantly,  just because something is beautiful on the outside doesn't mean they are  beautiful, on the inside. And vice versa. Maybe something or someone,  that seems to look ugly to someone else, ok that's their opinion, but who's right is it for someone to point out to someone what is ugly and what is beautiful as we all have different perceptions of what that is. (as a silly example i think Gerard Butler is handsome but someone else may think the opposite, I hate pizza but maybe you love it) .There is a good way and a bad way to give constructive criticism , but i would always 1) go the good way about it (tactfully without hurting someones feelings unnecessarily) and 2) only if i was asked for such an opinion. Because that's called manners. I wouldn't dream of berating or making someone feel bad about their creations and can offer any assistance or suggestions, but ONLY IF, i was asked to.  Also, maybe , if even just one person can come across something  that was not obviously beautiful to most people, but they just might see something really special in it. After all, we all have our own tastes and opinion of whats is good and what is not and each should be respected. That's all i wanted to say really. I haven't been well so i have no new CC or anything, so until my health gets better,

Happy Simming and respect your fellow Simmer! :) xxxxx



  1. Hey Margie, I think this was well said. This is all about a game to begin with, not life and death. We need to be a little and in some situations a lot kinder to each other, it just doesn't take any extra energy to keep your mouth shut if you have nothing good to say and I agree if you aren't saying anything nice then don't say anything at all, unless of course you are asked to by that person and there is a lot to be said for using tact, its not necessary to be mean. Some people haven't realized that their opinions aren't as important to the person receiving it as they are to the person giving their opinion. Its simple, talk and be kind to each other, it doesn't hurt, or cost anything. Its good manners and good manners never go out of style. You know right from wrong if its cloudy to you then just stay away , keep your mouth shut, because karma is the ultimate bitch. lol take care and be kind or shut up!!! Hugs

  2. Hello Margie, you're absolutely right, this is a hobby and not a job! Unfortunately many people forget the difference between real life and leisure, and this is very nervous. Create for the Sims is a real pleasure and a real relaxing for those who like it, so the people who share the same hobby should respect the work of others and let live in peace without creating controversy and offend! You did well to write what you think, sometimes it is just to clarify, I fully agree.
    I hope you're feeling better now with health, I wish you a Beautiful Weekend! You soon :)



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