20 Nov 2013

Today became, Select Artist At Tsr :)

Hello peoples i am so very thrilled to have been made a Select Artist at TSR This is a great honour for me, as i put so much hard work into my creations, it is much appreciated, being recognised for that. What makes it even more special is my friend Benji Metens Sims ,who was also chosen as Select Artist too, at the same time! This is incredible and i owe my friend Benji so much, as without his help, there would have been no Margie CC at all. So thank you so much for everything You are an amazing friend to have and i am so grateful for everything you have helped me with. Also thanks to everyone and anyone , especially my long term sim friends, who have given me such wonderful encouragement, and feedback on my creations, or have used them in their own creations. I am always so in awe of everyones talents. also a huge congrats to the other select and featured artists especially EsyraM- Kunstlerisch Sims ,Alyona Sintiklia Motornaya and Anna Blue who are in my friends list. Congratulations, you guys you deserve it so much!! And most of all a sincere thank you with all my heart to the Tsr Select Panel , thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity :) Wow i'm acting like i just won an Oscar hahahaa! But this is what i imagine that feels like :) :P Have a great day everyone !! :) xxxxxxxxx ♥♥♥


  1. Wow I am so happy for you!!! Ben as well, great and wonderful news!!!!Congratulations

  2. CONGRATULATIONS sweetie! I am so happy for you, from the bottom of my heart, for you and Benji of course! You've decided you really deserve it!! I am happy for both of you! Everything you have learned yourself, and that's why I'm very proud of you!
    Sweetie how are you? Have you written me a mail? Because I have to date received no ... :/
    I hope everything is ok with you?! You know I've made a lot of concern, and I hope it's all been good ..
    A very big hug and many kisses, from your chocolate chip cookie xoxo Love u



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