28 Aug 2016

PLEASE READ: Shauntelle's Rare Cancer Treatment Fund

Hey everyone I normally wouldn't post stuff like this but this is important: there’s a family in my town that needs help for their 18 year old daughter Shauntelle, diagnosed with an extremely rare cancer. Our country (Ireland) and Europe lacks the doctors with expertise with this cancer type so please if you can at all donate something, any amount every little helps even if it's just a couple of quid please kindly donate. If you can’t if you could please just share this post, so that maybe someone out there will see it and can. I’d really appreciate it!

“ Shan has a rare cancer multi system histiocytosis x (LCH) She was diagnosed in may 2015 and has went through 5 failed treatment protocols. She has had treatment between Ireland and Texas and instead of improving more systems have become involved. Last week after a much needed family holiday Shan found herself back in hospital after we got home very unwell and having a supra pubic catheter fitted to relieve the extreme pressure and pain her body was under giving us all a very scary few days. She has started yet another chemo and is still an inpatient. We have discussed her current health with her primary care physician in Texas Children’s Hospital Dr. Kenneth Mc Clain and it has been decided that her best chance to beat this is to get her back to Texas for a period of approximately four months in order to find a combination that her body will respond to and get her to the healthy vibrant 18 year old she deserves to be. This comes at a huge price and after much negotiation the quote has come in at $527,000. The need to get her back is urgent and we have a provisional date of September 28th. We can’t do this alone and need your help. Any donation even €1 is one step closer for Shan. I refuse to give up on my child and let her suffer a day longer than necessary. I’m pleading with you all to please help my daughter get this treatment and help in any way possible to raise the necessary funds #teamshan #histiowarrior #neverevergiveup


PAYPAL: teamshanhw@yahoo.com



  1. Hey! I just did a donation! Let me know if you got it. =)

    I'll pray for her!

    1. Thanks so much David, you are so kind! It is very much appreciated!



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