7 Aug 2013

Dramatic Fashion Lashes

*click the image to enlarge

-Precision cat-eyeliner with lower lashes for your gal sims
-Nice on its own or with subtle eyeshadow
-1 recolourable channel
-Nice in strong or subtle opacities
-The model is showing the blue effect with subtle eyeshadow
-The second pic is showing it on its own and full opacity

-The eye samples show:
1st) full opacity with no shadow
2nd- like the model is wearing
3rd- 50% opacity with subtle shadow

-check other makeup items on the model in "Recommended Items"

-teen to elder category

Creator Notes
-created with Tsr workshop
-game updated to the latest patch
-i own all EP's and SP's
-please do not copy, modify, or reupload to claim as your own, thank you
-Enjoy! :)

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