16 Aug 2013

Dress for Success Outfit

*click image to enlarge

-A pretty cute dress with belt, for your sims to dress up or down for any occasion :) 
-nice with all shades and opacities and patterns
-3 recolourable channels, top , bottom and the belt and back zip
-created with Tsr workshop
-created with the latest patch
-please do not modify, copy or reupload to claim as your own, thank you
-enjoy :)

*Thanks to Benji for helping me fix it :)


  1. It is soooo lovely my sweet !!! Push the download-button!!! xoxo You are so talented !! :))

  2. Wow, perfect and beautiful all new clothes and make-up :) Great job dear Margie ♥ You are a great artist :) Have a nice Sunday