7 Aug 2013

Natural Brows 4

*Click the image to enlarge

-Natural tweezed eyebrows for your sim gals :)
-nice in soft natural shades
-male and female
-teen to elder

Creator Notes
-created in TSR workshop
-created with the latest patch
-all EP's and Sp's owned
-please do not reupload, copy or modify to claim as your own
-enjoy :).


  1. Wow, all new creations are perfect and beautiful :) You are a great artist Margie dear ♥ I like everything that You create. Thank you for inviting me to BTB competition . I'm sorry, but I can't not make any make-up. Maybe I learn. I wish you a nice day. Hugs
    On sims ubdate I click all hearts for your beautiful creations ♥ I love It

    1. hello niki you dont have to create the makeup, its already the lipstick is made. i haven't published it yet. the download link is in the events page at Btbsims. All people,have to do is do a presentation for a lipgloss on a sim model :D so if you get time you should join.thanks for the lovely comments on my work my dear friend xxx :)

  2. Hey hey hey Margie daisy the crazy lady :P I remember this looong sentence ahahah :) LOL anyways, I'm not here to talk about you, sorry x) I'm here to talk about this GREAT creation!! fantastic work as always :)