9 Sep 2013

Little Charm Outfit

- A cute charming outfit consisting of a lace/lycra crop top and ripped shorts :)
-recolourable top, 2 channels, and recolourable shorts 2 channels
-The shorts is best presented in denim patterns
-and the top can be made with patterns too, nice in a variety of dark and light colours
-everyday/Formal/athletic wear

-created with  Tsr workshop
-CAS/Launcher thumbnail
-created with the latest patch
-I have all Ep's and Sp's
-please do not reupload, copy or modify to claim as your own. thank you.
-Please do not create your own links for my CC. Please link back to my download/site. thank you :)
-enjoy :)

*this is a zip file so simply download the file and extract the files with winzip/winrar to your EA/Sims3/downloads folder*

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