8 Oct 2013

Autumn Sherri Gloss

*click image to enlarge

-some dark luscious lipgloss in rich colours for your sim ladies
-lovely in all shades but this previews, Mulberry, Grape, Wine, and Fudge shades. :)
-adjust shine and opacities to your liking
-3 recolourable channels
-teen to elder

Creator Notes
-created with Tsr workshop
-game updated to the latest patch
-All EP's and SP's owned
-launcher/CAS thumbnail
-please do not modify, reupload, or claim as your own
-please do not make your own links for my creations. Please link to my original download/site. thank you!
-enjoy :)

-for my lovely Roxxyando x :).

Age: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder


  1. Love this gloss, perfect for autumn season, striking gloss!!!! Margeh, i want to see my friends creations on my blog, I only have mine but i never know what my friends upload until i go in my admin section of my blog spot, what tool do i need to use. I search like crazy for an hour the other day and didn`t find it :(

  2. Woooow, what an amazing gloss!! It really looks like cherries!!! xoxo Miss you !

  3. Beautiful Gloss Margie, Nice work!!!