29 Oct 2013

L'Amour Dress

*click image to enlarge

- a gorgeous mini dress with sequins straps and belt for your sim ladies nights on the town! 
- lovely in many colours and patterns
- 2 recolourable channels
-created with Tsr workshop
-game updated with the latest patch
-CAS/Launcher thumbnail
-all EP's and SP's owned
-Please do not copy, modify or reupload my work to claim as your own
-Please do not create your own links for my CC. Please link back to my download/site. thank you :)
-enjoy :)


  1. Simply the best, AMAZING my dear Margeh, i am blown away!!

  2. Wooooo....ooooow i'm absolutly speechless !!! It is sooooo seeeeexy !!!!! AMAZING !! xoxo

  3. Holy hot tomales!!! This dress is incredible, I L.O.V.E it!!!

  4. This dress is precious! For me it' s just great! Downloaded now :))) Thank you Margie! ;)