7 Nov 2013

Sunrise Outfit by Margeh75

*Click image to enlarge

Casual Outfit, strapless bodytop and leggings, with a necklace
-3 recolourable channels
-necklace not recolourable
-lovely in all shades of colours and patterns
-created with Tsr workshop
-game updated with the latest patch
-CAS/Launcher thumbnail
-all EP's and SP's owned
-Please do not copy, modify or reupload my work to claim as your own
-Please do not create your own links for my CC. Please link back to my download/site. thank you :)
-enjoy :)


  1. I just love ALL your clothing, Amazing job Margie xx

    1. thanks selena for all the lovely comments on my stuff everywhere, you are always so suportive. i love all your stuff too :D xxx

  2. Hello Margie, I was a little back, and I see that you are producing many outfits always the most beautiful and sought after. When I enter in your blog I'm always more fascinated, it is really very rich! Thank you for your great work and thank you for your sharing! See you soon ^_^

    1. hello dany long time no hear! lovely as always to hear from you :)