4 Dec 2013

Sandrine Dowler

Skin by Teru_K: *click* chose: ESkin-Natural+Light.7z
eyebrows by Ephemera: *click*
Instructions also see pic below): Translate page, choose the Baidu download link, when it opens translate page again, chose download (little white box)


The Skin , eyebrows and eyelashes are package file format. Please read this tutorial on how to do get your game to accept package files *click*

everyday by Peggyzone: *click* (search through Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as Chrome gives a blank page)
Formal by Skysims: *click*
Sleepwear by Cazy: *click*

Blush: Magic Winter Elf Blush by Praline: *click*
Eyeshadow: Envy Me by Gosik: *click*
Eyeliner: Eyelights by Praline: *click* (both channels black and reduce opacity)
Eye Contacts: EyeContacts N4 by Margeh75: *click*
Lipstick by IN3S: *click*

Everyday- Work it Outfit 1 by Ms Blue: *click*
Formal- Suzy's Gown by MartyP: *click*
Sleepwear- Satellites by Metens: *click*


Nails: NancyJ *click*
Eyelashes by Sclub Privee: 3D III A (LEFT) Art Eyelashes (you must also download the eyemesh *click* (under accessories)

-No custom sliders!! Only EA sliders!

-No Photoshop or effects used in any picture. all are in game pics pasted onto a plain background.

-all EP'S and SP'S owned but are not required for the sim to download. You only need the base game.

-Please do not modify my template, reupload to claim as your own especially onto other sites.

-game updated to the latest patch

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