4 Jan 2014

Ausrali Sims by Margeh75

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Custom Content. Click the names to be linked directly

Skin: Burnt Waffles frosted skin
Eyes- Elexis
Eyeshadow- Miss Daydreams



Also comes with some gorgeous shoes from MaSims3 and my Winter Woolies outfit 

Upperlip Up slider by Sage
Bodysliders by Johna
Septum Sliders by #aWT

*You MUST have the sliders or else the sim will not look the same. You will still get the sim and CC but she will look slightly different than the pictures. I'm sorry i do not have the original skin link as it has been removed from the creators account. But it comes with the sim :)

-Please do not copy, modify or reupload my work to claim as your own
-Please do not create your own links for my CC. Please link back to my download/site. thank you :)
-enjoy :)

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