10 Jan 2014




Skin: Iced Epicanthic Starfruit ND-Skin
Eyes: Margeh75
Eyeshadow: Margeh75
Eyelashes: Danzxncrd & Sclub PrivĂ©e you must download the mesh and eyelashes to Mods/packages folder
Blusher: Sims3
Eyebrows by Ephemera: Translate page, choose the Baidu download link, when it opens translate page again, chose download (little white box)
Lipstick: In3s

Hair:Newsea, and Momosims and buns on Tumblr

Clothes: Dress

Formal by Me
Everyday: ?
Sleepwear: Pizazz

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  1. Beautiful dear Margie :) Nice hair ♥ Happy New Year ♥ Have a nice new week . Hugs