17 Mar 2014

Irish Eyes Are Smilin'

-A cute Irish girl costume in honour of my country's national holiday St Patricks Day :)
-You can put any colours or patterns on them, i just put irish for the Patricks Day theme :)
-3 recolourable channels. 

-May the luck o' the irish be with ye :)

-created with Tsr workshop
-game patch 1.63
-all EP's and SP's owned
-Please do not copy, modify or reupload my work to claim as your own
-Please do not create your own links for my CC. Please link back to my download/site. thank you :)
-enjoy :)

1 comment:

  1. Finally I'm here. :) Your blog is great. Irish collection fantastic - love this recoloring option. I have got extra bonus from you - beautiful music. I will try following your blog :hugs: