10 Mar 2014

Sunnie Moon


SKIN-Skin by Epherema Tera_k:*click*
{Name of D/L file: [ESkin-Natural+Light.7z] & [ESkin-nATURAL+TAN.7z]}

Everyday hair by Cazy:*click*
Formal Hair by Newsea:*click*
Sleepwear Hair by Skysims:*click*

Eyes by Praline:Sunrise Eyes*click*
Nose Freckles by Praline:*click*
Praline Eyemazing Eyeliner:*click*
Praline Rose Delight Blusher:*click*
Gosik Cotton Candy Eyeshadow:*click*
Gosik Sheen Supreme Lipstick:*click*
Nails by NJSims:*click*
Beauty Mole by Me:(lower lip corner)*click*
Beauty Mole by MartyP:(above lip)*click*
Eyelashes by Sclub Privee*click* (you also need to download its mesh)
Eyebrows by Elexis:*click*

Everyday Outfit:ShakeProductions*click*
Formal by Devirose:*click*
Sleepwear by Colores Urbanos:*click*

All poses created by MartyP with thanks :) xx

-No custom sliders!! Only EA sliders!
-all EP'S and SP'S owned but are not required for the sim to download. You only need the base game.
-game patch 1.63

*I create my sims from scratch mostly,with the dark, 2nd base game default sim in CAS. so please enjoy them in your game but do not modify my template, reupload to claim as your own especially onto other sites. 

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