26 Apr 2014

Lighting Tutorial -Margie's Style

Teg Teg! It's another mini tutorial, this time on how I set up my room and lighting for taking my sims screenshots. I stress it is MY way to do it, you may have your way, or do it differently, if you're happy with it do not change it :) There is no right way or wrong way to do presentations or set up your sims room for poses.  But this is how i do mine and i had someone ask me about it, so i thought some simmers starting off may like to give it a try to show how best, to show your sims full features to full quality for picture taking. First of all when taking sim pictures i do suggest making your graphics settings all up to the highest for everything. It provides so much more detail and clarity in your sims features. 

I have noticed some sims looking very shaded and dark when people are editing their sims.


*First what i do i build a room with no windows at all. If you allow windows , you will let natural light in , this will cause your sim to look like the left picture. Take the windows away and put in artificial lighting and you will have nice lovely lighting to showcase your sim/cc. I make my walls a grey colour, in case i want to cut out and paste my sim to a colourful or darkish background. (If you paste a sim that had a white wall behind them ,, onto a colourful or dark background you will get a white line surrounding them. Make sure to keep it a light grey or mid grey to make it blend in with the background you wish to paste it.)
*Then i go into buy mode and press Control Shift and C and enter in the Testingcheatsenabled true cheat and again Control Shift and C and BuyDeBug , and this shows up hidden content in your game. Here you will find invisible ceiling lights (invisible during live play) and this is what i select to light up my sims room. 
Make sure the lights are in front of the sim when placing the lights on the ceilings. See the pic below. 

The first red circle is ? icon, click this to get to the BuydeBug hidden sim content. Click the 2nd circled item (3 dots) to see all items, then the other circle bottom right, is the ceiling lights, you will need to look closely in build mode because they will be barely visible. 

This is my set up .Again, you may prefer it differently. 

If you have windows to try and make your sims have natural light that won't work. Your sim will have far too much shading ,see below.

Also when you want to show a pic of your sim outside, i usually take the picture of the sim inside and paste it onto a picture of the outside scenery because outside you get the same shading on your sim.

So that's it , that is how i set up my sims pose area for taking  pictures. Like i said, i'm not saying there is any right or wrong way, you may have a different and better way, by all means, keep doing it the way you want to. But since a couple of people have asked me, i thought this mini tutorial might help them and some other people starting out simming and wishing to share their creations :)

Happy Simming! Sul Sul! :)

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  1. Great idea to help other people! You are really awesome! Thank you! xoxo