4 May 2014

Sheer Lace Mini

-a modern mini with sheer lace material.
-2 recolourable channels
-nice in all colours and patterns
-cas/launcher thumbnail
-All EP's and SP's owned
-please do not modify, reupload, or claim as your own
-please do not make your own links for my creations.
-Please link to my original download/site. thank you!
-game updated to the latest patch

Type: Outfits
Style: Formal
Age: Young Adult, Adult


  1. That is soooo coool and amazing , push the download-button of course !!! xoxo

  2. Wow i love this dress with lovely lace :) klick ♥

  3. Wow Margie, i love this Dress with lace.. ;) ♥ rec`d