31 Jul 2014


Well, I got to play around in Sims 4 Demo and it was really quite a strange thing and takes a bit of getting used to. I don't know if my mouse is being dodgy but i found the sliders kinda awkward and annoying , pulling areas i didn't want to put by mistake. But i'm sure after a few creations that goes away. I had fun creating, a sorta sim self. I obviously need more practice ha! :') 

I'm kinda casual on a day to day basis. This is so me. Comfy style ,everyday.

I couldn't really find a formal suitable for me but when creating CC  i will fix that :)

Athletic...if you count going for walks as athletic...then ok hahaha :)

I really love this kinda style, long cardi and a shimmery top with leggings and gladiator sandals. 

This is profile view, the sliders came in real handy here to make the nose and chin, i have a bit of depth in my nose tip and a longish narrow nose 

Ta-daaa! Its mise!

Overall , hmm it looks better than i thought, i do like the shine on the hair, the skins are nicer than that of sims 3 and the clothes quality is second- to -none but the hair in general...hmm its not as lego looking as bad as i first thought but improvements can be made by our excellent hair creators out there. 

Oh and i cannot BELIEVE they left out eyelashes! Again!! What human does not have eyelashes on their lower eyelids!! O.o


  1. hello dear Margie ♥ super your new sim 4 ♥ have fun ! hugs ♥

  2. She is gorgeous, i can just imagine what you will do when you get used to it :)♥

    1. well at least no one can whine about me copying them this time. I saved a couple of my sims in your demo so please keep them for me cos i like them and they will be my templates i will start with when i get my game :) xxx

  3. Replies
    1. haha well it was hard , i dont think it really looks like me at all but as a sim that would probably be me, i need eyelashes and better makeup, :)