5 Jul 2014

Seashore Babe Swimsuit


Created for: The Sims 3

-A halter two-toned swimsuit with designer holes for your sim ladies too look stylish at the beach :)
-2 recolourable channels with a mix of 2 colours joining on the swimsuit (see second pic)
-lovely in coloura and patterns

*Hair by Newsea, IridaSims and Skysims
Type: OutfitsStyle: Sleepwear, Athletic, Swimwear

-cas/launcher thumbnail 
-please do not modify, reupload, or claim as your own 
-please do not make your own links for my creations, link to my original download/site. 
-enjoy :)


  1. Woahhh, beautiful ,so well done ♥

  2. Very well designed swimwear, perfect for the sims for the summer, will be downloading, beautiful job!!!

  3. How could I have miss this sexy bathingsuit..!!!