16 Oct 2014

Tutorial: Making Transparent Parts on Clothing (Sims 3 & 4)

As I am asked a lot, "how do you make transparent clothing" I have written this mini tutorial. I hope you can understand it! First of all I use Gimp 2.8 because its free.

When you are creating your clothing and wish for a section to appear transparent (see through) for instance the neck or sleeves etc, basically on your multiplier, add a new layer to the part u wish to be transparent, fill that layer part with black (or whichever colour your item is) and reduce the opacity on this layer only, by 50%-60% depending how transparent you want the piece to be . You need to do it in layers so the rest of the clothing stays in solid colour. For lace etc, i download brushes for gimp which are plentiful on Deviant Art , you simply download the brushes file, open it and move it your MyDocuments/Gimp/brushes folder. Then refresh the brushes tool in gimp and it should show up there. There will be already transparency within these brush designs as well but as with creating transparent colours, you will also put the gimp brush laces as a new layer ,so as not to lose any texture quality to the rest of your creation. happy creating, feel free to share. See picture below for visual instructions , it applies to both sims 3 and 4 :) Happy creating! :) x


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