25 Jan 2015

Sims Addictions - now a domain owned site.

I decided to purchase my own domain name for my blog. :) When I started this site I had originally called it Margies Sims but when I started to branch out and create actual custom content and other stuff for the Sims franchises , it actually became an addiction!  I have been playing Sims since The Sims Original and first ever game. And played and created Sims 2 , 3 and now 4. So I decided that now I wanted my site domain to be named the same as my title. I still play the game every now and then but not so much since my passion for creating free content for people to enjoy in their games. If you want to try the Sims 4, the demo is free on Origin all you need to do is sign up with an email address and thats it. You can try create a sim model for yourself! Anyway  thank you to my followers for the support, soon I will have hit half a million visitors, I am very grateful to all visitors around the world for coming to my site and taking the time to comment. It really means a lot to me. 

Happy days! And Happy simming! Sul Sul!

A B&W screenshot I did -Sims 3


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  2. Congratz dear!
    You've got a beautiful site.
    Thanks for visiting my page
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  3. Hi, dear, great post. Love it. I follow you. Thanks for following me to. See you hier. Kiss


  4. Interesting post and blog, love sims too ;)

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