21 Feb 2015

Sims 4 Born To Die

Created for: The Sims 4

-This one piece outfit was inspired by a Lana Del Rey, contains a closed collar shirt with high pockets and a pleated 50's style poppy print skirt. 
-Non default and Non recolour
-1 Variation
-has it's own CAS swatch
-Package file. Simply locate your Sims4/Mods folder and put the downloaded file in there.
-please do not recolour my creations, thank you.
-for this item to show in other clothing categories simply click x where the formal tag shows in CAS clothing.

*Thank you to Nia for permission to use her mesh http://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Nia/

*crown of roses: http://ersch-workshop-sims.blogspot.ie/2014/07/amnezia-crown-of-roses-by-ersel.html

*The main hair is a photo edit on the picture. Doesn't exist for download. 
*left hair by Nightcrawler