18 Mar 2015

Sims 4 Tropicana Outfit Fixed

There was a report of the outfit showing black patches and ? marks on the sims skin which has now been fixed. If you had downloaded this remove the old file and re-download :)

(Double Click)

-a cute tropical one-piece outfit which contains a cute crop top with florals and studded denim hotpants.
-Non default and Non recolour
-available in many colours
-has it's own CAS swatch
-Package file. Simply locate your Sims4/Mods folder and put the downloaded file in there.
-please do not recolour my creations, thank you.
-for this item to show in other clothing categories simply click x where the formal tag shows in CAS clothing.


-please do not recolour, modify, reupload, or claim as your own thank you!
-please do not make your own links for my creations, link to my original download/site. 
-enjoy :)