23 Feb 2016

S3 Summer Diva

Sorry for the bombardment of Sims 3 Outfits! I'm always forgetting to update when I have created something! Also since I became a Featured Artist at The Sims Resource for clothing that is where all the Sims 3 links will take you. As part of my promotion there, their terms are to send all of my Sims 3 items links to my site there. So I'm sorry I do include Adfly too, but I like to have a base home for all my creations just in case anything ever happens to TSR and the tiny bit of money I get from Adfly helps pay for my domain. Thanks for your understanding and support! 

Created for: The Sims 3

-A cute one piece outfit for the summer. High waist shorts with metal buttons and a lace crop top. 
-2 recolourable channels


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