22 Apr 2016

S4 Newsea Crazy Love | Shine Retexture | Mesh Needed

Created for The Sims 4

-I edited and recoloured Simpliciatys hair retexture of Newsea's Crazy Love hair 
which was converted to Sims 4 by Taty86
-10 natural colour versions
-Cas thumbnail
-Disabled for random

You need the mesh for this to work get it >HERE<

All credit goes to Simpliciaty, Taty86 and Newsea

Special thanks to Simpliciaty for allowed me to edit/recolour here textures! :) Visit her tumblr for some awesome stuff! 

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  1. The link for the webpage that has the mesh is being flagged by Google as a dangerous site.

    1. I'm so sorry to be only getting back to you now, I rarely check my blog that much any more. Here is a working link to the mesh in question https://simfileshare.net/download/518747/