23 May 2016

S4 Gems Outfit

Created for: The Sims 4

-a cool casual outfit that contains a lace crop top and skinny jeans with cool belt. 
-7 colour versions
-cas thumbnail
-disabled for random

Please do not copy, modify,recolour, reupload, or convert my creations thank you!

HAIR BY ANTO, EBONIXSIMBLR ( http://ebonixsimblr.tumblr.com/post/138349905162/ebonix-ethnic-hair-ts3tots4-conversions-okay-guys) 
, NIGHTCRAWLER AND SIMPLICIATY (http://simpliciaty.com/post/132859318681/stealthic-heaventide-alpha-edit-retexture-heres)

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  1. Hi there! I tried to download some cc but my computer gives me a message that says the file is in unknown format or damaged. Do you know how to fix this problem?

    1. Hi! Make sure you are not trying to open the file after you have downloaded it . For the sims 4 it goes straight into your folder Documents/ElectronicArts/Sims4/Mods. It is automatically added to your sims 4 game when you do this, its not like sims 3 where you download it and install via the launcher. So just add it to your mods folder and it will be ok :)