15 Jun 2016

S4 Nightcrawler Confetti Hair Braided [Mesh Needed]

-A braided retexture of Nightcrawlers Confetti Hair
-10 colour versions
-cas thumbnail
-disabled for random 
Mesh is needed for this to work get it > HERE<

-The texture is by Bebebrillit that I edited and recoloured so credit goes to her as well!

-Please do not copy, modify, reupload or convert this creation. If you add your own recolours please credit the appropriate creators thanks!

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  1. I have Nightcrawler's confetti hair but when I DLd your braided version (which I love) I get nothing.

    1. Hello dear sorry you seem to have a problem with the creation. Delete it from your mods folder and redownload it. Then go to your sims 4 folder and find the file localthumbnailcache.package and delete this too. This is totally safe to remove. Then download the hair from me again and launch your game and you should see it. It looks like this thumbnail in your Cas http://imgur.com/tZzNiAO you need to delete the localthumbnailcache found in your Sims 4 folder sometimes after an update or if we sometimes download a lot of cc, especially those that require the mesh of others to work! Hope this helps!

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