7 Sep 2016

S4 SimActive Tops

Created for: The Sims 4

-a unique athletic crop top with thin bandage string design front for your sims workout regime.
-cas thumbnail
-12 colour versions
-available for multi clothing categories 

-Please do not reupload, copy, modify ,recolour or convert my creations thank you!

** For Hair and Bottoms links please see Creators Notes below **

Hair by: 
Nightcrawler *Click* 
Simpliciaty: *Click* 
Me (Retexture): *Click* 

Bottoms by: 
Metens 1 *Click* 
Metens 2 *Click* 
Me *Click*

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  1. really nice content, but I've seen these a lot on the sims resource without credit, you seem like the original creator so I think you should know?

    1. Hey , i'm not sure, but there are probably versions of this top out there already , as i'm almost certain when looking for inspiration we are all looking at the same fashion websites, so these things happen. In the eyes of TSR, it is not a copy unless its a copied texture right down to every little detail, but for similar designs or someone elses version of the same top that was maybe viewed online then it's not copied. I hope that answers your question :)