27 Jan 2017

Sims Addictions Now A Free Site

This is just an announcement to let my downloaders/visitors know that this site will now be free from all ads, popups and adfly links. I had these inserted in the past as a way to gain a little money . It's not  a lot of money however when I let it build up it was nice to be able to get things for myself and the kids and not feel guilty when I didn't have the money for various fun things and not have to spend money from the household funds. Unfortunately there is no Motherlode cheat in real life lol. I no longer need this thank god. No i didn't win the lotto, but I had adfly years ago when things were tight and I was just starting out and thankfully things are much better for me now. But the more important reason i'm removing all these intrusive things, is that I myself found adfly links too much. I don't know what's going on with that site but each time  I click a link I sometimes have to press "click to continue" up to 3 times! Also some pop ups refused to let me get rid of whatever virus it said my pc obtained from clicking such link, i could not close it and had to control alt delete the task , often losing whatever I was working on , as I would not have known it was going to happen in the middle of my work. I had to eventually, as well, use an adblocker on my own site! So i decided to just bite the bullet and remove all the ads, and every single adfly link (one by one= 800 links!!) That's why i'm quite on the creative front  the last couple of weeks, trying to do a few links a day. I didn't want to mass delete the links cos i had to replace them with the original links one by one and it would have been much more work. Anyway its done :) So enjoy an ad free site. If you come across any links with them still in it, broken links or you just can't access a download for some reason. Please do not hesitate to contact me , I will get the download to you. Most of my links are going to The Sims Resource (TSR) ,the best sim site for CC. I know you have to wait 10 seconds to download something there but for me it's a small price to pay for getting free custom content for your game. Remember when you had to subscribe to get all those awesome hairs??? Most people are new and don't get that ,thats the way it used to be. It's a huge site and they have to pay their  featured artists someway, so its either we pay, or deal with ads. I find no problems with it, with or without adblocker. I would just wait the 10 seconds. I'd wait days for my favourite piece of CC, but thats just my opinion. Anyhoooo, thanks a bunches to all the people who visit me across the world. Hopefully you will continue to enjoy my site now, free from ads, and popups forever :)

Sul Sul!

Margie :)


  1. Thank you Margie. So frustrating those ads are that lock up your computer. When it happens to me (on other sites, not yours) I shut down the internet and do CCleaner, then run my virus programs and malware programs. It's made me not want to venture far from TSR anymore. I thank you for the consideration of your fans and for all that work you had to do to change it!

  2. Hello dear Margie :) It's great the new site without ads :) You have a very nice creations and you're a great artist ♥ I wish you a nice weekend