20 May 2017

Stealthic Heaventide Alpha Edit & Retexture by Simpliciaty

ALSO!: **(YOU NEED THIS MESH BY @stealthic [HERE] for this to work! **

This is a mesh edit by the creator Simpliciaty that I frequently use on my model. All original links of this hair are deleted or suspended. I contacted Simpliciaty who gave, me alone, full permission to upload the hair so that others could download it. Please do not reupload, modify, copy, recolour or convert this hair or other works of Simpliciaty. I accept no responsibility for any effect this hair has in your game. Download at your own risk (Although i never had a problem with it) All credit goes to Simpliciaty who created this hair and basically this was set up here so that I could link people to a place they could download it, as the creator no longer wanted to do so. 

Thank you Simpliciaty for this amazing hair and for allowing me to put this here.