10 Jun 2017

S4 Boohoo Athletic Tees

Created for: The Sims 4

MH75: Created on 5/June/17

-Some cute cropped athletic tees 
-cas thumbnail
-15 colours

Please do not reupload, copy, recolour, modify or convert my creations thanks!

Bottoms in the recommended tab
Accessory shirt https://goo.gl/uA6l7j
Hair by Simpliciaty https://goo.gl/nV0E8D and https://goo.gl/nG1GEC (personal recolour) , Birksche https://goo.gl/e4ntEp and Leah Lillith https://goo.gl/YzE2w0

*I am not responsible for deleted CC links that i've used on my sims. CC is to be regarded for display purposes only. Thank you.*

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