Please read this guide before asking me any questions. Thank you!

-Where can I find that hair?

-The best site for CC items from all over the place, catalogued in one place is by SSSVITLANS on Tumblr. Everything is there and is separate tags. Usually the hair I use is from here on TSR, or Newseasims.com , Simpliciaty , Simplypixelated ,Ebonix Sims Gramsims Lyca/Hallowsims , (but now all their links seem to be suspended) or from Tumblr and just by googling! Get on Tumblr though, that's where most of the simmers are at. Some of the hair creations I have paid for or had them gifted to me, and not available to share freely. Every hairstyle you will ever need you can find on Sims3updates.net or Sims4updates.net . Some old Sims 3 sites and some Tumblr sites have been erased or deactivated, therefore making it impossible to link some of the CC or have no CAS ID thumbnail. and no i can't reupload another creators item as that is regarded as stealing. Some sites are starting to close down (i.e Peggy and Rosesims3). Also some hair that I use are not free hairs and are from paysites or some are given to me for personal use and no they can't be shared by me either. All the cc i use other than my creation is just for show! Please understand this! However, as I mentioned the hairs are mostly from Sims3updates/Sims4updates/TSR.

Please read the description of all my creations. If I already posted in the description where the other CC came from I will not be answering any "Where can I find" questions.

-Where can I find that Makeup:

Most of my makeup is either my own or from other artists right here on TSR! such as Sclub Privé, Pralinesims, Gosik, Remussirion, Screaming Mustard, Shojoangel, etc on this site for sims 3 and the same for sims 4. 

-Where can i find that skin:

Again most of the skins are from here on this site and Ephemera for sims 3 ,and for sims 4 here on this site, Sclub, Praline, Ms Blue, Sintiklia, or from Sims 4 Models on Tumblr

-Where can I find those Shoes -

Again here on TSR (by Madlen) or over on Tumblr. I recommend Ebonix Sims , Dreamteamsims , Lumy Sims please search these things for yourselvesbecause its very time consuming and tedious to keep trying to find often (with no ID in CAS) whose shoes are whose. Also sometimes creators take down their creations or their blog gets deleted or suspended and i cannot help this and no like i said I cannot distribute other peoples CC via email or PM even if the creator is no longer around, or whatever as these things are mostly against their Terms of Usage. I respect those rules. 

Where can I download your sim model:

If it is not on this site, or on my blog chances are I won't be releasing the model of your request, apologies!

Where do you find inspirations for your creations:

Mostly my creations are inspired by online stores, magazines, tv shows, or my own local stores. If I have created something similar to another creator

it is purely coincidental (as I create loads of stuff in advance before releasing them), I do not have time to search the creations from every single creator

to see if they have already created the item I have in mind to create. 

Sims 4 How do I download Clothes,Hair,Accessories, etc:

Click on any item you want to download. Make sure when you download that it is going to this folder: ElectronicArts/Sims4/ModsSims 4:

1. How do I install Sims

After downloading from TSR you will need a program to unzip the files such as winrar or winzip. Extract the files into your Documents/Electronic Arts/The sims 4/Tray folder and you will find the sim in your gallery.

For the Sim and other custom content to show up in Game:

In your sims library you must go to advanced settings and tick the following boxes:

Include Unknown Content and Include Custom Content

You can read more about sims 4 downloads here: Installing the sims 4 downloads

2. The Sim doesn't look like the pictures!

- Please read the creator notes to see what is included and what is not and make sure your game is updated.

To download Sims 4 clothes and makeup just download the file from here and make sure to put it in your sims4/mods folder

Sims 3:

1. How do I install Sims

To download Sims 3 clothes and makeup , hair, objects or sims download the file and make sure to put it in your sims3/downloads folder unless specified. Then check them off in your launcher and click install. Package files for sims 3 go to your sims3/Mods/Packages folder. 

To be able to use the skins and other package files, you need to set up your game for package files, here is a tutorial on this:Package file setup guide.

* I do not take requests *

Please read this guide before asking me any questions. Thank you!

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