♥My Terms and Conditions

Please read and adhere to the following rules concerning my downloadable content on my site here, and TSR. Thank you! :)


My Clothes and Makeup:

-You can use my clothes and makeup on your sims and share anywhere- BUT- :
-Please do not convert my textures as I am doing them myself
-Please do not modify my sims 3 clothes textures and claim them as your own.
-Please do not create hotlinks for my creations, please link back to my site here. 

You can now recolour any of my sims 4 content but please if you don't mind, credit me in your description. That would be nice, thanks!

My Sims

-You can download my sims to play in your game and use them in stories and pictures (credit would be nice ) 
BUT please do not copy, modify or reupload them, claiming you made them. Thank you 

*sorry but i do not take requests* 


  1. Hi there! First, I have to say THANK YOU for create CC, you are doing a great job. A few days ago I found a channel on YouTube where the owner re upload your content in her Mods folder without a link or something. She doesnt care about the terms of use and I'm advising all the CC creators in case they want to do something.
    Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
    Pd: sorry if my english is not very good

  2. Oh sorry, I forgot to say... here is the link for the video where your content is re uploaded.